30 Impactful Launch Gimmicks to Impress your Guests

January 3 2018

30 Impactful Launch Gimmicks to Impress your Guests


No event idea is too outrageous, with the right hand guiding the planning; everything can be made into something worth remembering. Top event planners believe in launch gambit that are full of spontaneity and a sort of organized energy that flows through an event from start to finish. Most corporate events end up being boring because of a lack of “effect”.  It is understandable that people don’t want to mess up their event and usually stick to the basics to get through a clean and somber event without much ado.

However, that does not make the event memorable, whether it is for the launch of a product (especially that), an employee event or a promotional event. Attendees are looking for something to remember and if you don’t give them that “wow” factor or even a simple launch gimmick, chances are you will be forgotten by bedtime.

So to keep things upbeat and lively make sure to follow these tried and tested gimmick ideas for launching to keep your attendees hooked.

1) Major Lasers!

Lasers always add that flair to an event that makes people remember it more. A good light show, lasers adjusted to music can really bring a party back from the dead and get your attendees excited for something. Lasers can make for an interesting décor option if you are opting for a futuristic theme. Moreover, lasers are easy to set up and are less costly than many other event gimmick ideas. Laser lights can be added to a red carpet theme as well, making for an interesting add-on.

Intricate event launching gimmick like the use of laser lights to create a backdrop for a mime performance or shadow puppetry can make the entire event a guaranteed success. Laser shows are always enjoyed and it is an interesting prelude to the launch of a product. Adding a laser show to your event can truly make it memorable. A point to remember is that technology has made a lot of innovative and futuristic décor ideas possible. Try to use a laser show to your advantage and create something that goes viral!

Many performance artists use 20 color lasers to create a laser show that involves dance that is in sync with the music and lasers. Now this is a total crowd puller and something that has the potential of going viral. Artists, dancers and technology are just the right ingredients for the recipe of a perfect event. Another creative way to utilize the laser show is by letting the walls of your venue be decorated by moving laser lights that give patterns and shapes according to your selected theme.

2) Holograms are it

The sci-fi effect and the futuristic feel that has become synonymous with holograms make it one of the most sort-after launching gimmicks Malaysia. Product launches can really get a boost from a hologram display and considering the edgy feel that it brings to an event, the cost is nothing.

Whether you are going for a simple launch gimmick or event gimmick ideas that are intricate and complex, a hologram can really set the right tune for any event. Just think a hologram image of the 007 gun logo hovering in a James Bond themed party, it will create the desired effect and keep people excited by the décor.

3) Creative LED setups

You can spend thousands or even millions on an event and it will still be worth nothing if the lighting is not done right. LED lights can be utilized in a thousand and one ways to create everything from a glowing tree to fireflies, from table lighting to silhouettes made from LED lights.

LED light designs can really set the mood, whether it is a spread out arabesque pattern on the dance floor of an Arabian Nights themed party or the colorful patterns setting the stage at a product launch, the possibilities with LED lights are endless. While dancing LED lights are not for every event, they are definitely a great way to add that extra bit of soul to a themed party or to create effect during a corporate event.

LED dance can really take the production value of any event to the next level. Themes like Prom Night can really come alive if there is a LED dance on the floor, creating an effect of a moving starry sky. Now that’s something that the attendees are not about to forget anytime soon. By creating the right kind of memories during the event, the feelings of happiness, trust and enjoyment become entwined with the memory of the event and THAT is the success of a truly great launch gimmick.

4) Smoke Blasters

Smoke blasters are all the rage especially in concerts where a timely blast follows the entrance of a celebrity or during raves when he DJ hits he floor. However, there are a few creative ways that smoke blasters can become a part of an Arabian Nights themed party or be a part of the introduction stage setup of a product launch to create the necessary impact.

Attendees can’t be too excited about product launches but with the right combination of gimmicks not only would they look forward to the unveiling, it will be embedded in their memory and nothing quite beats the effect value of a good old smoke blast.

5) The Grand Unveiling

This can never be stressed enough, timing is EVERYTHING! A gimmick will lose half its power if it something goes amiss. Especially, if it is something like a grand curtain drop; while timing the big finale, the unveiling or a performance can make all the impact and all the difference to an event.

6) Highlighting Product Features

It is very easy to get carried away when planning or budgeting an event. While excessive spending does make a difference, it doesn’t hold a candle to “smart spending”. Getting everything won’t create the right notes for the event, you need to pick one or two gimmick and really put the work in to make the event a success, just an overwhelming amount of shock and awe won’t be a good idea either.

You will simply be confusing your attendees; splitting their attention. By highlighting specific product features, you will create the perfect gimmick to set up the audience’s attention towards one specific thing. Large size models of a product or a really flashy display could do the trick.

7) Performance or Celebrity gimmick

A clearly defined theme is probably the most important phase of event planning. All the elements, décor and gimmicks need to be decided and set in stone before execution. A lot of clients are late in realizing the worth of a “performance gimmick”. Not only things like flash mobs, live cooking sessions and cultural dances entertain the crowd, they add that oomph factor to any event. Performances that are linked to the theme of the entire event always keeps the audience active and even product launches that might seem boring or tedious, might not be so if the energy level of the guests are kept high with entertaining performances.

While not every company or event can afford this gimmick, nothing gets the crowd going like a celebrity guest attending the event. While these days bloggers and Instagram models (localized celebrities in their own right) with thousands of followers are regularly engaged by businesses and companies for the promotion of their brands. Getting an audience hyped up about special guests is a wonderful gimmick. Food festivals invite celebrity chefs or Instagram legends to keep people engaged. It is not necessary that getting a movie star is the only thing that will work, engaging a beauty blogger or an Instagram model for the launch of a beauty product can keep the crowd glued to their seats as well

8) Balloons Ahoy!

The balloon launching gimmick is the cheapest, safest and one of the most effective gimmick in the book. There is a certain joy in watching thousands of balloons cascading in the sky. Not only does this gimmick keep an audience hooked, it gives them a wonderful and colorful memory. Sometimes budget constraints limit the scope of a gimmick but balloons are for all seasons and flavors. There is very little that balloons don’t work with.


Another way to add balloons to an event is by making customized inflatable balloons that showcase a product or a particular aspect of the theme. Who doesn’t like an inflated large size soda bottle or genie in the sky?

9) Press that Button!

Pressing the button for special effects or highlighting an important aspect of a product or an event is a simple and effective launch gambit, simply because it is interactive. If attendees press a button and they are surprised by a clever gimmick it engages and entertains them.

 A comical twist can be added to a “press the button” whereby a ridiculous voice could comment on the attendees or even tell jokes. The button could light up and give interesting information about the company and the product it is launching.

10) Inflatable Ball launching Gimmick

This is a fairly simple launch gimmick that can be creatively molded to suit a variety of events and themes. An inflatable ball launch can be done for a product launch (with the right bit of background music) and can be a simple and straight forward gimmick.

A large ball full of confetti could be released at a Christmas party, or an annual gala. The Inflatable ball could hold anything from more balloons or the product that needs attention or even act as the starting point of a performance act like an illusionists act.

11) Giant Board Signing

There is somewhat of a vintage vibe to signing a giant board – a feeling that takes you way back, and yet, manages to keep you in the moment.

Adding a giant board at the entrance to your launching event is a really great idea because it will allow your guests to feel included in the entire story. Customizing your giant board for a special signing ceremony can also add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the launch as well!

In general, board signing is more suitable for formal events (but depending on how you want to customize yours, you might be able to use it in a more informal event as well).

Last, but definitely not least, we would like to mention that giant board signings are quite great for photo op moments (such as for media events, for example).

12) Ribbon Cutting

Cutting the ribbon is a launch gimmick as old as time itself – but it is still practiced, and, most importantly, it still works very well!

Aside from the classic ribbon cutting, you can go for something more informal and fun, such as an oversized ribbon. Also, you can make the ribbon extra-long and have your entire team cut it at the same time (which sends an obvious message about your team’s coherence and how they work together)

13) Customized Giant Props

Giant props are fun, and the best part about them is that they can be customized to represent your brand and/or the event you are attending/ the launch event itself. For instance, if your company sells car parts, you could have a giant screw at the entrance to the event.

Or, if you want to, you could make this a booming success  by adding a button you can push for the giant product mockup prop to do something (like in the picture underneath, where a button has opened the oversized bottle of champagne, for example)

Or, like in the picture underneath (taken at a Nana’s Green Tea launch), you can create an oversized prop that allows the management team to “complete the roof” as they make the grand launch announcement.

If your product is suitable for this, you could incorporate a giant product prop with light boxes that emphasize certain features of the product (such as, for example, nutritious ingredients in the case of Nestle Bliss).

Oversized props are great when you want to highlight product USP – and, in essence, they are pretty great because they allow you to get very creative and customize the props to suit your product, your target audience, the type of launch you want to plan, and the kind of effect you want it to have on your visitors.

14) Drum Hit

Untitled (7)
Untitled (6)

If you want to launch your product with a bang (quite literally!), a drum hit is a really fun way of creating some buzz around it all. A drum hit can be anything – from a traditional gong to something else, another percussion instrument representative of the country you come from.

Alternatively, you can always take the oversized route and have a giant drum on your product launch event – it’s a fun way of welcoming guests and of creating a sense of expectation and excitement around the product.

15) Ribbon Pull

Pulling a ribbon is another classic launch event gimmick – and one that is still very popular and still very effective. It tends to work better with products that are targeting women, rather than men, but you will see it at car launches too, so it can be adapted to pretty much everything.

Moreover, more modern versions can be adapted as well (as you can see in the pictures below, for example).

16) Giant Card Insertion (or Elevation)

This feels a bit more modern, and tends to work with products that are more cutting-edge (rather than products that pertain to more traditional industries). Essentially, what you do is insert a card into a stand or a counter and launch the product this way (e.g. a video of the product could pop up in the background the second you insert the card).

Alternatively, you can have a “card elevation” as well. In this case, the card would elevate from the stand when you push a button, thus officially launching the product.

17) Ground Breaking

Breaking the ground in a certain space can be a fun way to welcome the new product or service you are launching. This works for launching construction projects, agricultural projects, and, in general, projects that are connected to the “land” as such.

Alternatively, you can also “break the ground” and plant a flower or a tree – it is a nice, eco-friendly way of welcoming a new product or service into the world

18) Interactive Customized Launch Props

Untitled (16)
Untitled (18)

These are quite similar to giant props, but what differentiates them is the fact that they are interactive. For example, if you are launching a new photo editing app, you could create a giant prop that mimics your logo and have people take photos in front of it.

Alternatively, your prop doesn’t have to be 100% related to your product (as you can see in the picture below, taken at a Mah Sing Group manufacturing company launch event)

19) Globe Touch

This launch gimmick adds a touch of magic and a pretty solid wow factor to your launch. Basically, it involves touching a globe or a light bulb to symbolize the “lighting up” of the new product you are launching.

It can be done by the CEO, or by an entire team of managers. It can be done with globes personalized to your brand and to your product. In most ways, your creativity is the only limit you have here!

20) Creative Bread Cutting

Bread cutting is, in many countries, a symbol of new beginnings, new friendships, and getting closer to people (precisely because sharing your bread with someone is a gesture of familiarity, kindness, and friendship).

If those are the emotions you want to bring into your product launch, definitely do a creative bread cutting (such as cutting a very large loaf of bread, for example).

Keep in mind that most times, this type of product launch is used in the food industry (because it makes sense), but it might be usable in adjacent industries as well (such as when a large farmer has opened a new warehouse, for example).

21) Pouring Liquid

Untitled (29)
Untitled (24)
Untitled (27)
Untitled (26)

Pouring liquid can be a gesture that symbolizes growth and a consistent approach to growing both the product and the customers’ loyalty.

As such, there might be industries and types of products that are compatible with this type of product launch. You can pour liquids into a receptacle branded with your company name and logo, for example. Or, if you work in an eco-friendly industry, you could simply pour water on plants grounded in vases or receptacles branded with your company name and logo – like in the examples below, for instance!

Untitled (25)

22) Adding a LED Touch Screen

Untitled (31)

This type of launch is perfect for tech products of all kinds, but it can work in other industries as well.

What it involves is you (the CEO, or a team of managers) touching a large screen and prompting up a logo, or even a fully presentation of the product you are launching. This launch gimmick gives a sense of “futurism” and “cutting-edginess”, and it can be really fun to both participate in and watch!

23) Egg Breaking

Cracking the shell of an egg can symbolize “coming to life” as a product on the market. This is perfect for products and services connected to the food industry, but it can be really great with many other types of products.

For example, in the image below, you will see the team at Innisfree (a Korean beauty product brand) cracking eggs at their launch. It’s a fun and cute gesture that will make you look more humane and bring you closer to your target audience!

24) Laser Launch Pad

If you are launching a product in the tech field, a laser launch pad is a really good idea. This can be a laser show, or even a laser lamp shaped as something connected to your brand and product.

It will add light, energy, and a sense of “high-end technology” to your entire launch – and the best part about it is that it can be customized in so many ways to fit so many types of products and target audiences that it is almost impossible to resist it!

25) Futuristic LED Launch Gimmick

Same as the laser launch pad, the futuristic LED launch gimmick is most suitable in the tech industry (precisely because it gives a very “techie” vibe and because it is the kind of thing customers of this industry love).

You can allow your creativity to roam wild on this – the essential is to make sure that you are drawing attention and creating buzz around the launch!

Untitled (35)

26) Raise Up Launch Gimmick

Launching a product and making it feel like a surprise is a really fun and exciting way of getting your target audience accustomed to your product.


A “raise up launch gimmick” will literally elevate the product from a stand when you push a button. This will allow you to create a sense of anticipation and excitement around the launch, and it will allow you to present the product as it is (instead of simply showing pictures of it).

This is usually suitable for smaller products, but if you are forward-thinking and creative enough, you will definitely find ways to use it with a larger product as well (beware, though, you will need an oversized system then as well!).

27) Completing the Logo

This is a great way to announce the collaboration between two brands or launching a new dimension of a brand. Basically, what it involves, is completing a “missing piece” of the brand’ s logo in front of the potential customers.

It is a bit formal, but it can work out very well, especially for photo-op events where media outlets are present (as you can see in the image below).

28) Pull the Bar

Pulling the bar can represent excitement over a new product and “unleashing it” on the market. This type of action should be done with plenty of buzz around the product, and although it might be an older gimmick in the event marketer’s book, it can still work out pretty well.

29) Complete the Icons

This is similar to the aforementioned logo completion gimmick, but it doesn’t necessarily use a logo (it can use any icon connected to your brand). Furthermore, when the “final piece” is set in place, it will usually launch confetti, soap bubbles, balloons, or other such excitement-inducing gimmicks.

This is perfect for a less formal launch, but that doesn’t mean it cannot work in B2B. In the end, it all depends on the kind of product you have and the kind of audience you are targeting!

The sky is the limit, guys! When it comes to launching products, events, or opening new spaces for your business, you need to create buzz, you need to create excitement, and you need to send off a powerful energy – and for that to happen, you should definitely think out of the box when it comes to your launch gimmicks and props!

Top Event Venue in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Top Event Venue in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Event Planning 101: Choosing the right venue

Planning an event involves finding the right venue in order to make it a success. The most important aspects to consider include location, size, ambiance, lighting, and decoration.

The small corporates events can be at the office premises and dinner parties involving fewer people and close family friends held at home.

However, if you need to create a long-lasting memory, filled with awesomeness to your family, friends, colleagues, guests, you may need to look out for unique venues for an event.

Renting a well-themed venue, which is spacious, well-conditioned and with ample safe parking is one of the greatest satisfaction to hold an event. We know how finding the best event space can be tiring. Here we have listed top 10 event venue in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Glasshouse at Seputeh, Taman Seputeh

Glasshouse is one of the most sought event venue in KL. It is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur amidst the surroundings of the raw hilltop of Seputeh. It is a spacious and unique architectural marvel placed in the urban center.

The place gives a lasting impression from the buildings sun-kissed lawns and gardens and the enchanted moonlit evenings. A breath of fresh air accompanies the ambiance of the place for your big day. Their rustic event space is well equipped with floor to ceiling glass paneling as well as multifaceted floor plans to ensure warm sitting.

The place is well endowed with trendy, elegant garden, which is a perfect setting suitable for weddings, corporate events, celebrations and various functions. The Glasshouse has a capacity of 450 persons sitting, the lawn can hold 150 people sitting, and the Parlour can allow 100 persons sitting, and the grand court 200 persons sitting.

De’Gouffron, TTDI

De’Gouffron is a first-class event space Kuala Lumpur suitable for the sophisticated and prestigious events. This elegant site is primly located at the heart of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

It hosts well-tailored events ranging from weddings, get-togethers, functions, and celebrations. It has invested heavily in high-quality videos, and audios and equipment are for event usage. The event team here is well prepared to welcome the guests warmly. The high state of the art is greatly invested too.

Numerous official events like product launching and other official functions held here left amazing impressions to the guests. The spacious De’Gouffron is an 8,180 square feet event space that can accommodate 600 guests sitting and 800 guests standing.

Laman Kayangan​

Laman Kayangan is a spacious event space for rent Klang Valley that strives to offer personal and professional services to its clients. The first-class venue has a great team that works with you to create long-lasting experiences.

The company works closely with the best vendors in the region to bring you the best aspect and walks along with you for advice from their experts. The venue is well established for wedding planning and consultancy services among other celebrations.

It ensures that the customers demand and expectations are met. Catering service is available for corporate business events and weddings. The venue is uniquely decorated making it ideal for concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and multimedia productions. The capacity is 500 persons sitting and 1,000 persons standing.

Ciao Ristorante, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

 The great surroundings of Ciao Ristorante make it perfect for both indoors and outdoor events. Its spacious and authentic look is great for hosting various types of events like weddings, ceremonies, official functions, anniversaries, corporate events, and other functions.

 It is one of the oldest Italian restaurant, known for serving great, authentic Italian food in Kuala Lumpur. A place with good ambiance and great food.

The restaurant has a cozy garden and a small lake overlooking the golf field. There is ample parking space. The canopy can fit 300 persons sitting, and the Glass House can fit 80 persons sitting.

Address: No. 20A, Jalan Kampung Pandan, off Jalan Tun Razak, 55100, Kuala Lumpur

Wanaka The Bungalow, Damansara Heights​

Wanaka The Bungalow is designed to host different types of events. It feels relaxing and rejuvenating holding a function in their space.

The area is flexible and suitable for the myriad of events and functions like corporate retreats, meetings, official functions like the product launch, wedding, press conference, media events, and training events.

The recreation offers a peaceful place for people to carry out workshops for the sole purpose of a “white canvas.” It is located in the Damansara Heights a posh area.

It is suitable also for garden events. The indoor space can sit a maximum of 30 people; outdoors, which is stunning and open, 150 sitting, and 250 people standing.

K’Seena House, Sg Buloh

K’Seena is a perfect one-stop for a quiet and calming atmosphere giving a relaxation mood. It is located in the suburbs of 30km from KLCC. It offers solutions to private function venue in KL. The guests can enjoy the stylish house and the elegant historic interior.

Nothing can compare to the spacious and beautiful settings for different events. Guests are able to enjoy the laid-back ambiance and appreciate the nature. It offers different kinds of facilities and services such as family and friends gatherings, wedding receptions, presentation workshops, video and photo shoot, and celebrations.

An extended menu of delicious dishes is available. The main yard can accommodate 300 guests, indoors 50 and Garden 150 persons. 

Zebra Square, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur​

Zebra Square is a space which is fully air-conditioned where various events are held. The great hall and the sprawling space serves as the venue for fashion galas and weddings. It is also appropriate for corporate functions.

This space offers a flexible floor plan, which allows guests for banquet seating, lounge cocktail party, theater, and stand up reception. The venue is best for Asian cuisines and Italian servings.

The special place with a lush garden propped on a rock mountain is best for photo shoots and picturesque. It creates an ambiance and a personalized mood for the guests. Capacity for the venue is 450 sitting and 700 standing.

EX8, Subang Jaya – event space Shah Alam

EX8 has been one of the most preferred event space Shah Alam- a modern building designed to have a unique industrial warehouse look. It is suitable for events like weddings, product launch, corporate dinner, cocktail party, and fashion shows.

It has a high ceiling with modern interiors and glass walls, which reflects the natural light perfectly. The exposed bricks and metal beams set a unique look and feel for the venue. The place can be easily accessible via the expressway near the parking. Its Capacity is 250 sitting and 700 persons standing.

Avenue K Rooftop

It offers a breathtaking rooftop event experience. The location of Avenue K Rooftop gives you a dazzling view of the Petronas Twin Towers and a beautiful view overlooking Kuala Lumpur amazing skyline.

Allowing guests to enjoy a relaxing night away from the daily hustles. The venue is perfect to host for casual and fun events such as product launch and cocktail parties. The beautiful night view has attracted abundant of social media moments for past events.


Ruang is a new modern event venue Kuala Lumpur fit for various functions. Its most significant feature is their guest’s rooms, which are painted with special whiteboard and chalkboard coating. It consists of 3,200 square feet, air-conditioned space.

This venue has complete hall facilities equipped well to offer spaces for product launches, training sessions, fashion shows, gigs, weddings, exhibitions. It offers great catering services for sumptuous meals and a variety to choose.

Space caters for all types of events under one roof. The setup accommodates 200 sitting and 300 people standing.

Ampang Glasshouse


The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)


Sentul Depot


Yuespace Hartamas


Slate at The Row KL


Lightbox Rooftop, Sg Buloh


Brick Studio, Petaling Jaya




GM Hall


Metal Bee Studio, PJ


5 Key Event and Marketing Trends for the Industry

5 Key Event and Marketing Trends for the Industry

To ring in the New Year we’ve decided to give you a head start on what will be the current trends in event planning. Throughout this article we’ll give you pointers on how to get a big thumbs up from your guests. Although these are the latest crazes it’s important to carve out a unique path and we’ll show you how you can brand and personalize the event. Consider these trends as stepping stones to skip your way to a memorable and enjoyable soiree.

The reason we see patterns in events at all revolves around the marvels of current society. For example, twenty years ago a vegan-market festival would have been pushed to the fringes of society where only those in yellow, elephant pants and knee-length dreadlocks could attend. Now veganism floods instagram accounts and dairy-free alternatives fill shopping trolleys. Anyway the point is that it’s all about jumping on the bandwagon at the right time! A good event organizer Malaysia will have spotted trends before they even enter center stage: they greet them on the wings before they make their grand performance and beat everyone to the new rising commodity. So without further ado let us show you the ones to watch in the industry!

More Experiential Events

I would consider this to be the real gem of event trends 2018. However, it is a tricky one to get right. There can be a lot of planning involved and it can be hard to find an ‘experience’ that will appeal en masse. However, when done well they really do make a lasting impression on guests. And my advice here is the quirkier the better.

The coffee-making
and cocktail-shaking parties have been doing the rounds for a few years now. How about thinking outside the box with a calligraphy tutorial or evening learning how to do hand massages. These are definitely a giggle and break down barriers.

The wonder of experiential events is that people who have nothing in common are all of a sudden cracking jokes and slapping oil on each other’s hands! It gets rid of bland, routine conversations and allows people to just live in the moment! And on that note meditation parties are also on the up in this trend.

Customization / Personalization

This seems like a vague title so let me specify through the use of a few examples. Think custom-made door gifts that represent the brand. Personalizing parting gifts such as chocolates or funny fridge magnets is going to be all the rage this year.Consider an orienteering day with clues based on the company’s ethos and core beliefs. This is much more interactive and engaging than simply listing out the information on an induction day and with this method there will be a higher absorption rate of the important facts.

Social Media

Social media has a bad rep at office parties. It is often seen as the baby monitor that keeps all the employees playing nice and being polite in the play pen. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Nor does it have to be a sad attempt to appear ‘trendy’ by purchasing luminous yellow emoji cupcakes. Strike the balance by creating a shareable moment with a personalized photo wall. Here guests can capture and share not only their lovely outfit but also your company’s sense of community.

Social media can often be detrimental to a party’s success as it drags guests into a five inch screen so why not avoid this and use it to your marketing advantage? With photo walls guests as the latest trends in event management, guests are encouraged to use social media overtly which verifies the company’s modern ethos. They can also be a fantastic focal point for a theme event such as the iconic opening bullseye shot for a dazzling Bond party.

Unique Venues

Gallery nights; theaters; a beach party this really is an exhaustive list. And with corporate events getting more elaborate it’s almost sacrilege to have a party set in a standard hotel or conference centre. The trick to this is working with what’s in your area.

Is there a quirky old mansion that you can hire for an evening? A forest where you can hang lanterns and create a cozy space? It doesn’t have to be a castle (although who doesn’t love a turret party?). Unusual venues create a talking point, they can put your company on the map. Again photo walls can help to really define the theme and create not only capture memorable moments but also make them shareable across social media platforms. So this is why 2018 should be the year you don’t book that conference room because it’s “good value”.

Technology Trends in Event Management

You might think technology to be quite closely related to social media but with a few new specs added within the last year they are diverging into two different branches of corporate event planning. Virtual Reality, for instance, is a huge game changer that encourage interactions amongst guests. You can now hire VR equipment and once you have the goggles set up the sky is the limited: or maybe even further if you want to have a space party. You can create any theme you want; put your company on the moon for an evening or even assimilate pilot lessons. Companies can also help you place brands and logos into the VR games to make it more personalized.

Now that your party bag is packed with inventive, current trends your event is sure to be so ‘in’ it’ll be considered avant-garde! So whether your guests are toasting marshmallows in a forest or recording slow motion videos of each other they are sure to have a good time.

Secure Your Event’s Success with these 10 Crucial Steps

Secure Your Event’s Success with these 10 Crucial Steps

10 Crucial Steps to Secure Your Event’s Success ​

1. Set Event Objectives and Goals

Understand the main objective of the event by evaluating the focus of the event. What do you mean to achieve by organizing this event? This seems a very basic question but having a concrete end goal is key to event planning success. 

Deciphering the target audience is one method of answering this question. The demographic, such as age and gender profile of the guests, needs to be considered. Only then can you begin to plan the details of the event. This will help to determine several aspects: the look and feel of the event, the scale, marketing methods and venue. Everything must revolve around the experience you want the guests to have.

In this article, we will go through ways that you can make sure that your event goes off smoothly and that you enjoy yourself at the same time.

2. Set the Date and Time

Setting a suitable date is vital to avoid a low turnout rate, especially for media-related events, be sure to take the following into consideration before confirming the date:

  • Avoid school holidays
  • Avoid weekends (media are more likely to turn up on weekdays)
  • Avoid religious holidays
  • Match dates of key stakeholders – such as VVIPs, VIP, presenters, etc.
  • Most Importantly – make sure there is enough time for planning and production

Another clever tip is to set a postpone date. This is to account for extreme weather conditions or other unforeseen problems that will affect the schedule. Showing this level of preparation is impressive and shows a high level of  competence.

3. Budgeting

The key to avoid overspending on an event is to have detailed plans on all component costs of the event.

Update and keep track of spending, pay close attention to areas that might cost more than expected, for instance travelling expenses, accommodation for key speakers, delivery charges, etc. It is wise to keep a spreadsheet tracking all the different expenses. If you keep referring back to the event objective it will make it easier to focus on which aspects of the budgets are most important. Keep in mind that budgets are simply that, an estimation of what the event will likely cost. Costs are often variable and so it is important to build a 10% buffer zone to prevent the budget from getting out of hand.

Do not underestimate the catering costs, especially the tips and gratuities. Feeding a crowd is not cheap and failing to account for this can lead to disastrous consequences. This also extends to beverages.

Negotiating prices with your suppliers can also help in the budgeting process as well as cutting back on any costs that will not impact largely on the guest experience. That being said, it is important to ensure that not too many cuts are made to the point that the event lacks any USPs or there is a shortage of entertainment, food etc.

4. Bring the Team Together

Event coordination is always a team job. Teams are not built overnight and so it’s important to develop these well in advance of the launch. Needless to say that teamwork is built upon good communication. Make sure each team member is up to date on new changes. An excellent method of achieving this is by setting up a collaborative spreadsheet; one that everyone can access and edit. Different team members can therefore seamlessly update the document. For instance if the media and publicity manager gathers quotes from different performers he/she can instantly update the team on the varying services they can provide. Each section of the events should have a tab. As you can imagine this creates a very comprehensive view of how the event planning is progressing. As for building the team itself it is key to bring the right members together by considering the nature of your event.

  • Production Management – centrepiece, decorations, stage set up, etc.
  • Emcees or Host
  • Entertainment
  • Media and Publicity Management
  • On-site Event Management

    Different events will obviously require different specialists that will need to be entered into the fold.

5. Develop a Timeline

First thing to do is to create a master plan. This gives a rough overview of what needs to be done and the time allocation to achieve each step e.g. source a venue or hire entertainers. As you may have preempted here there needs to be time allotted for delays and setbacks. All too often events are postponed due to a key performer dropping out or discovering that the venue has been double booked. Always have room in the original plan to avert catastrophes to the event. Planning an event by nature is not straightforward. Changes are inevitable and the best event planners are those that are prepared and can adapt quickly.

Next a timeline is needed to break these large steps down into smaller components e.g. visit venues, discuss their suitability and get quotes. A timeline is also needed for the day of the event. This needs to be as detailed as possible. Everything from soundchecks to intermissions need to be outlined here.

Plan with your guests in mind – Are those centerpieces that you love going to get in the way of the guests talking to one another? How much do you have to do while the event is running? Are you going to have time to spend with your guests or are you going to have to run around making sure that the program runs correctly?

6. Idea and Concept Development:

Now to focus on the actual event itself and a lot of experts will say that this is where the fun happens. There are a few factors to consider when managing an event to make it exceptional.

A) Theme

This doesn’t have to be obvious but it has to be consistent. It’s a good idea to create a vision board outlining colour schemes, thematic inspirations or even a collage to help begin the design process. Also consider the demographics of your audience and choose a theme that will be relatable to them. Although it’s important to have an individual taste preference and style what is most crucial is that the theme is appropriate to the event and will impress the guests.

B) Name of the Event

Without delving too deep into the art form that is branding here are a few titling tips. Do not leave this step until it appears out of thin air. The name of the event revolves and is intertwined with the theme. It’s all about consistency in concept development. Make it concise and unique without being outlandish.

If it’s difficult to convey the tone of the event through the title there is always the option to add a tagline. This is especially useful if the name is a play on words, or a little abstract as it frames the text and gives clarity.

C) Key design

Begin by focusing on the features that will set your event apart from others.  When inviting guests it’s imperative to get the platform and design right. Is the event classy or fun? Does it require the formality of a paper invite or would a series of snappy emails be more appropriate?

Visit the space that will be the frame for your design. Explore what will work and how you can use elements of the space to your advantage. Are there alcoves that can allow for private conversations to break up the room? Is there a stage? Always ask what the venue can provide you in terms of decorations. But only use these if they align with the theme of your event. If they have neon chair coverings and your theme is Classic Christmas do not be tempted to forego the cost of ruby sashes for a free alternative.

D) Centrepiece

No, this doesn’t have to be an ice sculpture of Cupid stringing his tiny bow. Again work with your venue. A large fireplace has got to be roaring and accented with decorations that will entice guests to gather around it (as long as it’s not a hot summer’s day). A professionally made cake can often be an impressive talking point. One important point to make here is that the centerpiece does not have to be in the center of the room. Think of it more as the focal point of the venue. Do not place the centerpiece near the entrance or you run the risk of bottlenecking and creating a queue.

The key to planning the event of the century is in realizing that you may need help. The more important the event is, and the more inexperienced you are, the higher the chances are that you are going to need help.

An event planner may be just the person to help you.

7. Find the right venue

This point really deserves its own article but here I’ll outline the basic parameters. The venue has to be within budget, be the right size, have the right ambiance and also meet certain requirements to facilitate your guests such as parking or included security. It is often a misconception to get the largest venue within your price range. If it widely exceeds the number of guests attending the space will seem cavernous and empty. Therefore, it’s important to find the venue that will fit just with your expected attendance.

8. Market the event

 As discussed in section 6 invitations are very useful for creating the tone for the event and they are essential for marketing. Social media is also a huge asset to have when getting the event seen by a specific audience. Using the right platform will make sure that maximum impact is made. This link outlines the demographic positioning of the major social media platforms. Identify your market and post content that will engage them. Press releases are also a good option but can be costly. Keep it brief, include the need-to-knows, avoid jargon or slang and use active language. It doesn’t matter how incredible the event is, if it’s not marketed to a high standard nobody will be there to appreciate it.

9. Go Through the details

Before the event day, run through the details to minimize any risk. Here are some aspects to consider: 

A) Delegation

Is everyone aware of their role? It’s so important to delegate and, if possible, in writing. Even if this just means sending a quick email it adds a significant amount of accountability. This allows things to run smoothly and for queries regarding uncompleted work or slips to be quickly traced, sourced and addressed. Remember to allocate backup for key positions and be clear on each person’s role.

B) Event flow

Is there sufficient time to prep for the next activity? Consider timings around clean up as well as set up times for launching an act or performance. Of equal importance is to make sure that the guests do not feel as though the event is rushed or dragging. There is a pace that needs to be orchestrated so that the event feels effortless and entertaining.

C) Getting to the venue

How is everyone getting to the venue? Is there clear directions or is there a need to present any documentation? Set up directional signages and state-specific requirements clearly in invitations.

D) What if it rains?

Anything could happen during an event, rain is something unpreventable, so do come up with a contingency plan.

  • Guests might be late due to bad traffic caused by rain hence the event might need to be postponed or the agenda condensed to ensure the event finishes on time.
  • Ensure invited guests can arrive and enjoy the event comfortably; umbrella and manpower should be allocated to assist in this area.

10. Know your guests

This is probably clear at this stage of the article but since it is the most important point I’m going to reiterate a few key points here. Plan the itinerary around your guests and go that extra mile to make certain that the event is tailored to them. For instance, a sailing gala would appreciate the addition of nautical elements to their evening. Handing guests free anchor key-rings or a discount for a nearby sailing supplies store will add a nice touch to the evening. So many events are cut out of the same mold and it’s really understanding who you’re catering for that will make you stand out.

All in all, planning an event requires a high level of organization and innovation. Expect things to go wrong and have resources to pull from if and when these happen. And just so it really is the parting word make sure that every aspect of the event is for the benefit of your guests’ experience.

Event Planning Guide: How to Organise an Impactful Event

Event Planning Guide: How to Organise an Impactful Event


When it comes to an important event, whether it is a personal one or a business event, you want it to go off without a hitch. You want your guests to have a great time, but you also want to make sure that you stay within budget and get everything done in the process.

In this article, we will go through ways and tips that you can make sure that your event goes off smoothly and that you enjoy yourself at the same time.

1. Proper Planning is Essential

Whether it is the color of the tablecloths, or the number of ushers you are going to need, you need to plan everything down to the last detail. Where will everyone sit? How will they get to the venue? How early will you be able to go in and decorate it?

Sit down and walk yourself through the event in your mind’s eye as if you were a guest

Are there any potential problem areas or spaces for confusion to set in? For example, as a host, putting name cards on the table is a great way to keep organized and everyone will know where they are sitting.

And it is a great idea. But how do the guests know what table they are sitting at? When there are only four or five tables, that’s not such a big deal. When there are a hundred tables, finding your name card without a seating chart is going to be a lot more difficult.

Get as much settled before the time as you can so that you are less stressed out in a day or two leading up the event.

It’s also a good idea to have a contingency plan in place – Like, what happens if the weather is bad and you are having an outside event? Is there somewhere that your guests can shelter? Do you need to call the whole thing off? Work through some of those worst-case scenarios in your mind – at worst, you will be prepared if something does go wrong. At best, you’ll just have spent a bit of time worrying about nothing. 

2. Choose Your Suppliers Carefully

There is nothing worse than hiring a supplier and then finding out that they are going to let you down on the day. Get recommendations about which suppliers to use from people you trust and people who have dealt with them before.

This is somewhere that you want to be careful not just to go with the very cheapest option – you want a mix of value and service.

1) Is it possible to test them out?
2) Is it possible to speak to people they have dealt with in the past?
3) Can you find reviews of their service online?

3. Set a Realistic Budget and Stick to It

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning an event is not setting a realistic budget. It can be tough to do this, especially if it is something out of the ordinary for you. A good way to start is to do a lot of research – What is it going to cost to feed everyone? What are your major expenses likely to be?

From there, you need to break down your budget into sections like decorations, food, drink, etc. That will make it harder for you to blow your whole budget before you have gotten through half the list.

You will need, however, to be pretty disciplined and be willing to put in extra effort when it comes to finding out how to allocate your budget. Do you have the discipline to stop spending when the budget is exhausted?

How will you deal with those nice sales people that are trying to convince you to spend more?


4. Put the Focus Where it Needs to Be

When you are getting caught up in the excitement of planning for an event, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important. Your guests are what is most important here. After all, without them there really would not be an event to begin with.

Plan with your guests in mind – Are those centerpieces that you love going to get in the way of the guests talking to one another? How much do you have to do while the event is running? Are you going to have time to spend with your guests or are you going to have to run around making sure that the program runs correctly?

5. Realizing When You Need Help

Running an event should be looked on as a marathon, not a sprint. The event itself is only a small part of the work involved and, while you might shine when it comes to taking part in an event, you might battle when it comes to actually organizing one.

The key to planning the event of the century is in realizing that you may need help. The more important the event is, and the more inexperienced you are, the higher the chances are that you are going to need help.

An event planner may be just the person to help you.

How Can an Event Planner Help You?

They do all the legwork for you – you get to sit back and relax and let them worry about the niggling little details. That means more time and less stress for you.

They know all the right people – having an event planner is having an insider in the industry. They know which suppliers are reliable and which are not. They have built up relationships with the suppliers that they can use to their full advantage.

As mentioned before, setting a realistic budget is extremely important. If you don’t know what you can expect to pay, however, it is also quite difficult. An experienced event planner will be able to look at your proposed budget and let you know whether or not it is realistic. They will agree on the budget with you and will show you options that won’t blow your budget. This means that there won’t be budget overruns and you will never feel as though you are missing out on something that would have been better.

They can lend you their experience – they know the venues, the suppliers, what decorations could work, color schemes and a range of other things that you might never have thought of. They understand the importance of contingency plans and will know who to call if your band doesn’t pitch up at your wedding reception.

They can be there on the actual day to make sure that everything moves flawlessly leaving you to mingle with your guests and enjoy the show as much as they have.

When it comes to throwing the event of the century, it isn’t rocket science – you need to plan each detail out with precision and need to ensure that there are contingency plans in place. Creating a realistic budget and sticking to it will ensure that every stage of your planning gets the attention that it deserves.

You need to ensure that your plan is centered on what will work best for your guests and that sometimes this will mean that you don’t get everything you want. Small sacrifices will be worthwhile in the end because both you and your guests have a blast.

Finally, it is important to know when you need help and to admit it if you do. This could be in the form of an experienced event planner, or enlisting the aid of a trusted friend. The key, though, is to understand that you don’t have to do it all alone. You always have help available to you if you need it.

The key to planning the event of the century is in realizing that you may need help. The more important the event is, and the more inexperienced you are, the higher the chances are that you are going to need help.

An event planner may be just the person to help you.

Searching for event company Malaysia? feel free to reach out to us, we are always excited to design ways to enhance your event experience!


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21 Corporate Dinner Themes to Make Your Employees Excited for the Next One

21 Corporate Dinner Themes to Make Your Employees Excited for the Next One


Ensure your company has a stellar night out with these ten wonderfully entertaining themes.

There’s a lot to be said about an entertaining gala. It brightens employee’s perspective of their work life. Themes can be anything on the spectrum from ostentatious, classy, fun or even all-out ludicrous. In some cases, we invite you to quite literally have a ball! So without further ado here is a list of annual dinner themes ideas that will ensure that a memorable experience is had by all.

1) James Bond

There is something very luxurious about the 007 experience. Opt either for a string quartet or playlist of Bond’s smoothest hits in order to get the right ambience. A red carpet as well as cardboard figurines of all the Bond actors are essential so fun selfies can be taken.

A James Bond quiz round might be a step too far and end up being dull. Steer closer to the more inventive activities, even laser shooting is a great option to create a fun, high energy party.  Casino games will add a sense of class to the occasion. The guests have a lot to contribute to this evening as most of the glamour is created through the smart suits and ball gowns, so a black tie request is a must!

2) Arabian Nights

Rich, ruby reds and silky Moroccan music is the basis for this evening. Low hanging lights and even lower seats around a candle lite feast of spices, tagines, flatbreads, and hummus.

This authentic Moroccan experience can be made more magical by a suspended flying carpet and a magic lamp. Belly dancers and snake charmers can be surprisingly easy to find and hire online. For even more fun have belly dancing or hand drumming classes.

3) The White House

Given the current residents of Kuala Lumpur’s most famed building this is a fun night out. From the famous Lincoln to Trump and all those in between there is sure to be a very diverse range of costumes. Plaster Malaysian flags and set up a presidential office entrance. Hire a politic impersonator to greet guests throughout the dinner. For even more entertainment have a vote on who within the company would make the best candidate for next in office! There is a lot of room for creativity in this theme as it’s fresh and current.

4) Jungle

Take your guests deep into the Amazon rainforest to an exciting, hair-raising evening. Hiring an obstacle course with a vine-like rope to swing from upon completion can often elicit Tarzan-like roars from workers. Although not the most common there is always positive feedback for this jungle experience. Given the obstacle course, dress is more often casual which can fit well with a modern company ethos. Drape vine leaves along the walls and combine with green, low lighting to make the venue feel like a canopy. Tribal percussion music creates an exotic tone for the night.

5) Happily Ever After

This one is very successful if done right. This means to stay away from cliches and fairytale stereotypes. So here’s a refreshing grown-up take on the children’s classics. A royal invitation will really set the tone off for this extravaganza. It’s then a matter of coaxing workers to change out of their office attire and instead opt for more creative outfits. Jesters, kings, princesses: a lot of fun can be had with this theme.

As for the decor, a castle backdrop with a lot of trailing gauze along the walls and banquet style dining set up is desirable. Getting a bard to recite a few poems or a harp player would make the evening truly enchanting. To make it even more charming hire fairies to flit about and deliver gifts to people who win prizes.

6) Finding Nemo

If there’s one thing you can’t leave out at this particular party it’s an adult sand pit. The relaxing soundtrack of the movie written by John Newman will create a lovely atmosphere. Adding a projector emitting the rolling waves collapsing along a white beach leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Tie blue sashes to the chairs and fill fish bowls with sand and shells as centrepieces. Place funny quotes from the movie in the napkins. Blue balloons and surfboards will make people feel as though they are down under! Limbo dancing and hula hooping are great games to set up around the venue. The relaxed vibe of this evening may be exactly what the company needs to unwind and destress.

7) The Gatsby

This is all about British high brow culture. A ballroom is the ideal setting for this gathering and it really does revolve around the dancing. A string quartet serenading guests as they float between nibbling, talking and dancing the night away. It’s not often people get this kind of experience. Avoid balloons and disco balls to keep this from turning into a tacky teenage disco. Instead opt for flowers, candles and draping chiffon along the walls.

8) Frozen

This is the winter wonderland treat that employees deserve! From artificial icicles, frosted glass and even a snow machine there is no limit to the extent you can go with this theme. Winter charades can be a fun game or Name that Christmas Song. A little soft jazz wouldn’t go wrong in creating a cozy atmosphere either. Maybe go easy on the “Let it Go” theme tune or you might have guests leaving a little early!

9) Ancient Rome

This is one that pulls out all the stops. There is something incredibly impressive about a group of people dressed as golden gladiators or gods and goddesses in their togas and sandals. The ancient Romans were renowned for their love of partying and socializing so it makes for an ideal theme. Backdrops of the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa help create the Italian experience and be sure to place large pillars with platters of grapes for guests. It’s the finishing touches here that will really tie everything together.


10) A Night in Japan

This theme is used to embrace all aspects of Japanese culture. Hire a sushi chef to show off his ridiculous knife skills. Invite guests to dress in oriental attire such as kimonos. Give diners the option to use chopsticks. Teach guests to learn the ceremonial art of tea drinking. For the more adventurous invite people to learn a bit of judo with a judo master in a “dojo” set up within the venue. Not only is this party fun and entertaining but it also teaches people of different cultural traditions.

Looking for event management in Malaysia? we are experienced in handling live events and activation campaigns, talk to us to find out how we can help to alleviate your event experience!

11) Crazy Rich Asians

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love opulence and luxury? Crazy Rich Asians is a popular show precisely for this reason: it shows the lives of the rich and famous and puts it in a light that makes them feel a little closer to the common folk.

Regardless of what kind of party or event you might be planning, a theme centered on Crazy Rich Asians is a pretty unique way to bring a touch of that VIP vibe into your big day. Aside from elegant decor and dress codes, you might also want to consider incorporating high-end, luxurious Asian decorations as well.

12) Masquerade

Mystery, history, refinement, and elegance – they are, without a doubt, associated with the classic Italian masquerade. People love costume parties, and the best part about a modern masquerade is that they don’t have to wear an actual costume – they can just wear elegant clothes (either black tie or white tie, depending on how you set the dress code) and an intricate face mask.

As for the event decor, we suggest you focus on velvet, red, gold, and creamy white. Feathers and candles will also help you create that Masquerade vibe filled with enigma and charm. Keep it on the over-the-top edge without combining too many colors or textures – remember, this needs to evoke a Rennaisance-like feeling!

13) That 70s Time

It doesn’t matter if your guests actually lived through the 70s or not – everyone loves a good retro theme, and the 70s will always be an inexhaustible source of inspiration and fun ideas of all kinds.

Geometric patterns, bold colors, neon lights and disco balls – they will help you bring the decade of Abba and BeeGees back and they will help you create an unforgettable, unique atmosphere at your party.

For an even more unique look, how about you evoke the Asian 70s? We are more than certain that some of your guests will feel a touch of nostalgia floating in the air, but done right, this theme can send a powerful message and it can definitely create a very special atmosphere – just take a look at the photo below to see what we mean!

As for the event decor, we suggest you focus on velvet, red, gold, and creamy white. Feathers and candles will also help you create that Masquerade vibe filled with enigma and charm. Keep it on the over-the-top edge without combining too many colors or textures – remember, this needs to evoke a Rennaisance-like feeling!

14) Shanghai Nights

Forget about the Arabian Nights, Shanghai Nights is the kind of event theme bound to conquer the hearts of your guests regardless of where they come from or what their culture may be.

A pop of color dominated by red and traditional motifs, red lanterns, flowers, candles – bring them all together in a tasteful way and allow your guests to be immersed in the Shangai culture for an evening of celebration and networking. There’s just no way they won’t love it!

Remember, you can always add a more modern twist to your Shanghai theme, like in the picture below, for example – perhaps a more minimalist view of the traditional Shanghai motifs, but definitely a great option for a corporate party where you really want to impress your guests with something special.

15) The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Neon

Looking for a futuristic theme that will impress guests and go very well with a tech event? A neon-based theme can be easily pulled off in a tasteful way as long as you focus on two or three colors.

Remember, this kind of event might not be that suitable for a very somber corporate party, but it could work very well for the after-party or for a party you organize for your employees. They will have tons of fun!

16) Hollywood

Depending on what exactly you are celebrating and who your target audience is, a Hollywood party might be a very welcomed idea. This goes well with business events as well, but you will have to be very careful not to fall into a kitschy area people have seen “played” at parties and events much too often.
Obviously, red and gold are the colors you should focus on. In addition to that, you might also want to center your event on Oscar and movie motifs. For example, in the picture below, you can see a candy bar that was tastefully incorporated into the theme with the help of just a couple of small touches.
Everyone dreams of being a VIP for a day at least – and this type of event is just the way to make your guests feel like stars on the red carpet!

17) The Golden Gala

Well, nothing screams elegance more than a gold-touched event, right? Some might think this can very easily become tacky, but the key lies in making sure that your gold touches are very well-chosen. 

Don’t cover your entire event in gold. Instead, find some colors to work with gold and use them as complements to tone down the shiny and over the top vibes of gold. For example, navy blue and white can be a very good option here, as you can see below. 

In addition to finding the right colors to tone down the gold in your event theme, you might also want to consider keeping it rather low-key in terms of surfaces that are covered in gold. For instance, if you will serve the dinner from golden plates, you might want just a couple of other golden touches on the table. If you want to use a golden table runner, you might also want to make sure that the vases and the larger plates and bowls are more neutral.

18) The Black Tie

You don’t see actually black tie events enough these days. Although the vast majority of events are elegant, they tend to lean towards the more casual approach (even when it comes to special life events such as weddings, for example).

If you yearn for a time of pure elegance and a dress code that allows your guests to truly pamper themselves with the best tuxedos and long dresses, pick a black tie theme and plan a party focused on black, white, and elegant minimalism. You cannot go wrong with this, really!

There are a thousand ways to plan for a “black tie” event, but focusing on black, as well as other neutral colors and a touch of something a bit more metallic (such as gold or silver) is one of the best ways to “attack” this kind of theme. Elegance at its finest, no doubt!

19) Alice in Wonderland

Over the top and crazy, colorful and yet ultra-elegant, unique and yet easy to recognize from a mile away, the Alice in Wonderland theme is an idea your guests have most likely never experienced before.

There’s something borderline psychedelic and mad about this theme, like an adventure in its own right. You can play around with Alice in Wonderland motifs: from the weird and kaleidoscope-like patterns to the clear symbols of the story: the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Red Queen of Cups, the White Queen, and even the fall of Alice through the tunnel that gets her into the magical world we’re all so familiar with.

Another way to incorporate the Alice in Wonderland theme into your party is by including tea party motifs in it: little cookies and tea sandwiches, as well as Alice-inspired cups and serving plates can make your dinner unforgettable!

This might seem like an idea for a children’s party, rather than an annual dinner, but when you do it right, you can create something really amazing! Here’s an example:

20) Superheroes

We all love them. Whether you’re a fan of the DC Comis superheroes or a fan of the Marvel ones, there’s a pretty good chance that you have seen at least one superhero movie or cartoon in your lifetime. And there’s an even greater chance that you liked it. You may even have a favorite hero.

A superhero-themed party is a fun way to play with color and with comic book-inspired motifs. From the classic “Boom” and “Pow” speech bubbles to the comic book aesthetic and color shades, there’s a world of marvelous magic awaiting for you when planning this kind of party. And if you want to really go all the way, you can even ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite superheroes! It might be more suitable for a more relaxed relationship with your guests, but it can sure win their appreciation!

And no, it doesn’t have to feel childish in any way – just take a look at these:

21) Back to School

Thought back to school is a theme only supermarkets and apparel stores can use when the summer’s over?

Think again. There’s something amazingly exciting about going back to school and evoking this at your annual dinner might actually be a great idea if you want your guests to have fun and feel just a little nostalgic over the school days.

You can incorporate blackboards, you can include typical school snacks, you can even ask guests to wear school uniforms (or at least their take on them). This can be a really fun event they will not forget easily! Here’s an idea of some of the ideas you could include:

Looking for event management in Malaysia? we are experienced in handling live events and activation campaigns, talk to us to find out how we can help to alleviate your event experience!