How to Choose the Best Door Gift for a Corporate Event

There are a lot of types of corporate events – but no matter where in the world you look, and no matter the nature of the event (or even the nature of your business), a corporate gift is always appreciated by those present.

Why are Premium corporate gifts so important, how to choose them, and what are some of the very best Corporate door gift ideas?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

The BEST Event Gift Ideas

Fortunately, we live in a world where whatever your mind can conceive in terms of event gift ideas, it can probably materialize into reality as well. As such, the number one rule to creating gift bags that are unique and outstanding is, well, to use your creativity.

Here are some inspirational ideas you might take home:

1. The classic New Hire kit.

This one is an absolute classic across all industries and verticals – and not for no reason, mind you! A new hire is always a happy event in your company because someone smart, skilled, and fitting your profile has decided to work with you. Show them your appreciation by pulling together a welcome kit that includes all sorts of goodies: branded mug, notebook, pens, and, perhaps, something cute, like funny stickers related to your business (which they can stick on their laptop, notebook, and so on).

2. The techie kit


We all own smartphones – so, next time you go to an event, think of your attendees and offer them something related to their smartphone – like a classy pouch where they can put their smartphone, charger, and USB cable, for example, or a fun-looking external battery they can take wherever they go.

3.The cooking kit

Do you work in the food industry? One fun way to welcome people and attract them towards your business is by offering them a nice cooking kit containing a small bottle of good wine, personalized wooden spoon, spices, and so on. People are just bound to love this!

4.Old-school video game

OK, you might not be able to get old-school SEGA games for everyone – but small pocket PAC-MAN games can get really popular. This type of gift is especially great for the tech industry (software programmers will LOVE this for sure!).


5.Toss in some snacks

Everyone loves good food – so a gift bag containing popular snacks (like caramel popcorn, who can ever say “no” to that?) is bound to attract all the success in the world, for sure. This is another great example here.

6.The hiking kit

If you know your target audience is likely to enjoy the outdoors, offer them objects they can use while hiking and camping – like a kit containing a compass, a Swiss multi-tool, and other similar products.

7.The office desk cooling

Do your visitors work in a hot environment? If that is the case, why not offer them a mini fan for their office desk? You can personalize it with your brand colors and brand logo too!

8.The fancy coffee


Let’s face it, there’s something irresistible about fancy coffee – it feels luxurious and pampering, and every single coffee lover in the world (which is pretty much everyone in the world) will love it!

9. Leather goodies

When it comes to luxurious gifts, nothing can beat a leather journal cover, together with a luggage tag, and perhaps one or two other similarly luxurious-looking gifts.

10.The tech stand

This stand will help people pull all their gadgets into one place – and it will do it in a super-classy way. This type of gifts is extremely versatile, especially since everyone would love one of these on their desk!

11.A watch with a message

A classy-looking watch on a special stand personalized with a nice message can go a really long way when it comes to making people feel appreciated. Of course, this is a very high-end gift and it would probably work best in a very corporate environment, where your target audience is, in itself, the kind who appreciates this type of gift.

12. Unique backpack


This gift will be madly popular with your employees, but it can be offered at external events too. A smart backpack is always a great gift!

13.Movie ticket and snack voucher


This is the perfect gift for the movie industry, but it can be a very nice attention for those who attend any other kind of event as well – especially if you know there’s a movie coming up they might enjoy!

14.Fun mugs

You probably don’t want to offer this to C-level people – but it can be a massively fun gift for pretty much every company event for your employees!

15.Sports bottles

If your target audience is likely to enjoy sports products, they will LOVE this!

16. Travel pillows


Who doesn’t love sitting comfortable in their car when traveling? This type of gift can show you really care about the people you are targeting!

17.Multi-charging station

Again, this is the type of gift that can work really well for the tech industry – but since most of us have multiple gadgets, it will definitely be easy to apply it to pretty much every other industry too!


These are simply endless! If you target an audience comprised by mostly men, this type of gift will always be a hit.

19.Wireless speaker

Again, this is the type of gift that can be easily personalized for any industry, any vertical. People will sure appreciate a wireless speaker that looks good and sounds good too!

20.Wooden classics


If you work in a business focusing a lot on nature and natural products, this type of kit can work out really well for you – it does look amazing!

Why a Door Gift for Corporate Event Is Important

This one’s simple: Corporate event goodie bags are important because they lie at the very foundation of your business’ image. Some of the goals you are aiming for by offering event gifts include the following:

  1. Promote your company’s image. Simple gifts can really help you send your message across. It might be all about a new campaign you are launching or simply the core message of your business. Whatever it is, though, you will find it quite easy to find corporate gift ideas that coordinate with your message and help you send it across.

  2. Show off. Sometimes, corporate gifts are simply a way to show off – it does sound bad, but it’s actually what most businesses do. This can be especially important in the B2B realm because it will show customers and potential leads that you are a strong company and you can offer people gifts that are attractive and very well coordinated with your business’ brand.

  3. Show consideration. The people attending this event have come a long way to see you and your business. They deserve all your gratitude – and a small gift is just the way to show them you truly care about their presence there!

  4. A chance to get creative. Let’s face it: we, marketers, love to get creative. And the best corporate gift ideas out there do tend to be quite fun, interesting, intriguing, and attractive. Every event is a new opportunity for you, as a marketer, to push your boundaries forward and create something uniquely memorable for your target audience. Isn’t that amazing?

How to Choose the Best Door Gift for Corporate Events

You want to make sure your door gift has the impact you are aiming for – and, as such, there’s quite the thinking process that should go into the final decision on what type of door gift you want to offer.

Some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing from the myriad of corporate gift ideas include the following:

  1. Your brand. Do not offer things that are completely disconnected from your brand. OK, there are Corporate event goodie bag ideas that are universally good – you simply slap your logo and tagline on them and they’re good to go. But, for instance, if you sell tractors, you might find that offering things like fine chocolate or cosmetics is not within your spectrum – it’s hard to connect these objects to your business and, in the end, it’s hard to connect them to what is most likely your target audience too. Which brings us to

  2. Your target audience. They are the second (not in the order of importance) essential element to consider when choosing your event bag goodies. You need to make sure they like the things you are offering – because, as mentioned in the very beginning, you actually want to show them you appreciate their effort of being there and you want them to be happy and satisfied with everything.

  3. The event itself. Sometimes, the nature of the event will help you choose from a specific typology of gift ideas. For instance, if the event is related to Christmas or a special holiday, you might find that there are gifts that are more appropriate for that special day than others.

  4. In general, you can more or less customize this type of objects and make them fit your brand. DO make sure you don’t get something that might be even remotely similar to what your competition has in terms of brand colors – that might send across a confusing message.

  5. Like it or not, this should be part of your decisional process too. As you probably know and guess, the larger the budget, the more luxurious the gifts can be – but even if you cannot afford spending a fortune, you can still pull off gifts that are attractive and interesting on a small budget too.

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