Top 30 Event Lighting Ideas for Brand Activation and Exhibition

No matter what type of event you are planning, you definitely want to make sure everything about it is on par with your brand and the message you want to send out into the world.

Of course, there are many details to consider – but event lighting is one of the most important ones. Custom stage lighting and event lighting design can completely change the appearance of your booth or stage and they can help you create just the right atmosphere for the type of event you are planning.

What are some of the best event lighting concepts you might want to consider? We have gathered some of the most creative event lighting ideas right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

Event Lighting Tips for Different Types of Events

The type of event you are planning to attend will have a pretty heavy influence on the type of lighting you bring into it.

For instance, below you will find different types of events and the types of event lighting that go best with them:

Artistic and cultural events will always value simplicity. For instance, this Edison lightbulb arrangement is extremely creative and it is more than perfect for an arts & culture event.

Journalistic or literary events are all about the words and the people who send out the messages. As such, a lighting design that emphasizes the power of what these people do will definitely suit the scope of the event.

A business dinner needs to set a relaxed, yet professional and very appealing atmosphere. For instance, this LED table runner makes the entire table feel more unique and welcoming.

Children’s events need to put a lot of emphasis on color, childishness, and playfulness. For instance, this event design idea is perfect for events where both parents and children will attend.

Mall booths need to disrupt the classic mall design with an appeal that is attractive and unique. For instance, this Estee Lauder booth lighting manages to really nail the aesthetics of the brand and of the target audience, while fitting into the mall landscape in a very beautiful way.

Event Space Lighting Ideas for Different Types of Lighting

Of course, there are different types of lighting as well. Some of them can be universally adjusted to pretty much any type of event (such as LED lights, for example), but others are only suitable in certain contexts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best event space lighting ideas you might want to consider according to the type of lighting you are looking for:

Edison light bulbs are a very trendy idea that can fit into multiple contexts – from events based on arts and culture to business events focusing on sales. You just have to use your creativity here!

Flexible LED lights are usually used for messages and other types of shapes you can “hang” on the wall. From LED lights that spell out keywords related to your brand to LED lights that create intricate arrangements, there’s something for everyone!

Neon lights are a subcategory of LED lights, but since they are a popular trend, they deserve to be treated as their own category. Neon lights are best with night events and the type of events where you really want to draw attention.

Spotlights can be used in a subtle way, but they can be used in a very dramatic way as well. An empty stage with only a large spotlight on the person speaking can give a certain vibe, and if that’s what you are looking for, then you will definitely love the idea of having spotlights incorporated in your event.

Artistic lights can be used to light up certain elements in a very artistic way. They are suitable not only for events in the arts and culture sector, but every other type of business event out there.

Event Space Lighting Advice Based on Location

Where your event takes place has a massive influence on how it will go from head to finish – and it definitely has a massive influence on your design as well.

What are some of the best event space lighting pieces of advice based on location? Here are some ideas for you:

Large indoor spaces give you plenty of room to play around. This lighting design idea, for example, is extremely visually striking and it can definitely attract visitors in your “maze”.

Outdoor spaces can look absolutely adorable when you have the right lighting. Take these lanterns, for example, that light up the space and make it feel really unique.

Smaller indoor spaces can be made to look really cozy and comfortable. Take, for example, this adorable space that uses oversized Edison light bulbs in a creative way.

If you are planning an event at the mall, make sure your lighting design stands out from the crowd but fits into the modern landscape of the mall as well. Take this arrangement, for example – it’s brilliantly put together!

Larger outdoor spaces need to feel cozier, and as such lighting based on simple bulbs and umbrellas like this one is a really good idea.

Event Lighting Tips for Different Target Audiences

It is extremely important to match your entire event with the type of audience you are targeting as well. This will help you attract the people that are more likely to actually buy from you.

For instance:

Events targeting women should tap into the things they like, and their sensibilities. We really loved the stylish blend the simple design and the typography of the lighting message on the wall here, for example.

Events for children and families should make the space feel welcoming and safe. This place, for instance, is very well lit up, but in a way that emphasizes the attractions of the event.

If you are targeting a Christmas audience, you need to make it all look like a fairytale. This lighting cascade is simply magical and it can make any place look really amazing, for example!

Targeting a modern, urban audience? Make sure your lighting emphasizes those parts of the event design that really match up the style of your target audience – such as in this example here!

If you are targeting an active, fitness-inspired, sporty audience, your entire event design should look full of life and action in itself. For instance, the color of this lit up message here and the way in which the words are brought together make it feel really full of energy.

Event Stage Lighting Design Ideas

Planning stage events is an entirely different affair than any other type of event – so we felt that it needed a section of its own. Some of the best ideas you could use when planning event stage lighting design include the following:

Tech events need to make the audience feel like they belong in a futuristic landscape. The blue gobo lights in this event design achieve this pretty well, for example!

Don’t be afraid to play with neon lights – a geometric design can look really cutting edge and unique, like in this stage design, for instance!

Working with a small booth? How about transforming it into a mini stage for your salespeople? This example here is a wonderful one – it blends into the design of the room, it attracts attention, and it emphasizes freshness and youth (which is perfect for a brand like Vichy).

Message lights are very trendy right now. A simple stage with a lit up word like this one can be no less than what you need to attract the audience’s attention and support the message of the entire event in a unique and classy way.

You can also play with neon lights and messages, like in this example here. Although it isn’t on a stage, the same type of design can be easily transported into an event stage scenario and it can draw the attention on the speakers in a very creative way.

It is absolutely crucial to ensure that you are not afraid of being creative. At this point, no matter what industry you work in and no matter what type of event you are attending, people are already used to the “basic”, personality-less booths and event designs. As such, you should use light to attract people’s attention and support the message of your brand and of the campaign you are running. Think out of the box and you will be more than happy with the results!

Last, but not least, if you are looking for event lighting rental Malaysia, be sure you go with the best of the best. The quality of your event lighting company can influence the quality of the entire event design – so you need a provider of event lighting rental Malaysia that is very reliable and can help you bring the craziest ideas to life.

Remember, the best event marketing is always a unique experience for the end user of the product – so go crazy, go wild, and light up the world with your brand!

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