Top 10 Event Entrance Arch Design Ideas

First impressions matter – and this stands just as true in human interactions as stands in business interactions as well.

No matter what type of event you might be attending, you really want to make sure you make a great first impression – and your event entrance arch design is a really important player when it comes to this. After all, your entrance is what your future client sees first – so you need to send out the right message with the kind of entrance that is truly one of a kind.

What are some of the very best event entrance arch design ideas you should consider for the upcoming events of your company?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Exhibition Entrance Arch

Your event entrance design should really stand out. Regardless of whether you are attending an event where other industry peers (and competitors) are present, or you are planning your own event, your entrance arch should look attractive.

An exhibition entrance arch should tell visitors from the very first second what your brand is all about. This here is a very good example in this respect: it names the brand, it allows the visitors to peek in, and it attracts them at the same time. 

Inflatable Arch

It might seem that an inflatable arch is the kind of entrance you would set up for a children’s event, but it can work very well in a myriad of other situations. From outdoor events (such as marathons sponsored by your company) to entrances to indoor events where your target audience is youthful, there are many ways to use an inflatable arch design.

Balloon Arch

Yes, this is primarily used when it comes to children’s events (or at least events that ultimately target children and their parents) – such as in this example. However, depending on the type of balloons, their color, and their arrangement, you can create an inexpensive balloon arch for other types of events too – such as corporate parties, for example.

Optical Illusion Arch

If you want to instantly attract people towards your booth or event, an optical illusion arch can really do the trick. There’s something mesmerizing about these event entrance ideas that make them work almost like a magnet. This here is a prime example of what we are talking about – but if you are searching for something that’s a little more toned-down, opt for something like this. Either way, we guarantee your entrance arch will definitely draw people in!

Product Inspired Arch

In some cases, you might want to show people from the very beginning what your product and/or event is all about – and this is when a product inspired arch can help. For instance, this Nikon event used an entrance shaped as a camera, while this wedding used an entrance shaped like a story book (do keep in mind that the same concept can be used for corporate events too, not just weddings).

Fantasy Arch

Depending on the type of products you sell and your target audience, a fantasy inspired arch might also be an excellent choice for your 2019 events. For instance, this entrance is very inspiring in this respect. If you can connect this kind of theme to your brand, products, and target audience, you are guaranteed to attract a lot of visitors – precisely because people love anything that stirs their imagination.

High Tech Arch

Tech events are usually dominated by entrance arch designs that focus a lot on the combination between blacks, whites, greys, metallic (silver) shades and pops of color. Your entrance should most likely fit in these broad parameters if you are planning to attend a high tech event (or if your product is connected to technology).

Our suggestion is to go the extra mile and create an entrance that truly stands out from the crowd – odd-shaped and futuristic like this one from Samsung S7’s launch, or cutting-edge like this event entrance arch from Max Steel, for example. Entrances like this one, with videos projected on them could work very well for high tech events too – they draw attention through movement and liveliness and they are bound to attract a lot of visitors inside too.

Geometrical and Bold Arches

Geometrical, bold-colored and patterned arches are usually associated with high-tech products that are not necessarily related to the sphere of technology (in its broader sense). For instance, Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car manufacturer regarded as an innovator in their field of expertise – and these entrance arches show that. The simple, geometrical design is clean and elegant, sending reverberations of a high-tech undertone.

If you are looking for something bolder colored, this Air Max or this idea presented at the London Design Festival will surely suit you. These are very energizing, showing movement and liveliness, so they are suitable for a brand that is associated with these qualities (e.g. Air Max sells sports shoes, for example). 

Children Arches

If your company sells children’s products, they are your main target audience – they are the ones that need to drag their parents through the doors of your booth. Therefore, the arch design should be suitable for them – it should be playful and sweet, colored, inspired by the characters that make children smile (such as this Shrek inspired entrance arch or this arch from a Singaporean event dedicated to parenting and lifestyle).

Hollywood/ VIP

When you want to make your visitors feel like true VIPs, you might want to opt for an entrance arch inspired by the celebrity life. This one, inspired by an old movie theatre entrance, or this one, lit up by the star-shaped arches are both excellent examples in this category. Both of them will give your event a sense of luxuriousness and opulence people will love!

No matter what type of arch entrance design you might be looking for, one thing is for certain: you need to think out of the box if you want your event entrance to truly stand out. THIS is how you attract a lot of visitors to your events and convert them into leads (or loyalize them, depending on what your main goal is)!

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