January 3 2018

30 Impactful Launch Gimmicks to Impress your Guests


No event idea is too outrageous, with the right hand guiding the planning; everything can be made into something worth remembering. Top event planners believe in launch gambit that are full of spontaneity and a sort of organized energy that flows through an event from start to finish. Most corporate events end up being boring because of a lack of “effect”.  It is understandable that people don’t want to mess up their event and usually stick to the basics to get through a clean and somber event without much ado.

However, that does not make the event memorable, whether it is for the launch of a product (especially that), an employee event or a promotional event. Attendees are looking for something to remember and if you don’t give them that “wow” factor or even a simple launch gimmick, chances are you will be forgotten by bedtime.

So to keep things upbeat and lively make sure to follow these tried and tested gimmick ideas for launching to keep your attendees hooked.

1) Major Lasers!

Lasers always add that flair to an event that makes people remember it more. A good light show, lasers adjusted to music can really bring a party back from the dead and get your attendees excited for something. Lasers can make for an interesting décor option if you are opting for a futuristic theme. Moreover, lasers are easy to set up and are less costly than many other event gimmick ideas. Laser lights can be added to a red carpet theme as well, making for an interesting add-on.

Intricate event launching gimmick like the use of laser lights to create a backdrop for a mime performance or shadow puppetry can make the entire event a guaranteed success. Laser shows are always enjoyed and it is an interesting prelude to the launch of a product. Adding a laser show to your event can truly make it memorable. A point to remember is that technology has made a lot of innovative and futuristic décor ideas possible. Try to use a laser show to your advantage and create something that goes viral!

Many performance artists use 20 color lasers to create a laser show that involves dance that is in sync with the music and lasers. Now this is a total crowd puller and something that has the potential of going viral. Artists, dancers and technology are just the right ingredients for the recipe of a perfect event. Another creative way to utilize the laser show is by letting the walls of your venue be decorated by moving laser lights that give patterns and shapes according to your selected theme.

2) Holograms are it

The sci-fi effect and the futuristic feel that has become synonymous with holograms make it one of the most sort-after launching gimmicks Malaysia. Product launches can really get a boost from a hologram display and considering the edgy feel that it brings to an event, the cost is nothing.

Whether you are going for a simple launch gimmick or event gimmick ideas that are intricate and complex, a hologram can really set the right tune for any event. Just think a hologram image of the 007 gun logo hovering in a James Bond themed party, it will create the desired effect and keep people excited by the décor.

3) Creative LED setups

You can spend thousands or even millions on an event and it will still be worth nothing if the lighting is not done right. LED lights can be utilized in a thousand and one ways to create everything from a glowing tree to fireflies, from table lighting to silhouettes made from LED lights.

LED light designs can really set the mood, whether it is a spread out arabesque pattern on the dance floor of an Arabian Nights themed party or the colorful patterns setting the stage at a product launch, the possibilities with LED lights are endless. While dancing LED lights are not for every event, they are definitely a great way to add that extra bit of soul to a themed party or to create effect during a corporate event.

LED dance can really take the production value of any event to the next level. Themes like Prom Night can really come alive if there is a LED dance on the floor, creating an effect of a moving starry sky. Now that’s something that the attendees are not about to forget anytime soon. By creating the right kind of memories during the event, the feelings of happiness, trust and enjoyment become entwined with the memory of the event and THAT is the success of a truly great launch gimmick.

4) Smoke Blasters

Smoke blasters are all the rage especially in concerts where a timely blast follows the entrance of a celebrity or during raves when he DJ hits he floor. However, there are a few creative ways that smoke blasters can become a part of an Arabian Nights themed party or be a part of the introduction stage setup of a product launch to create the necessary impact.

Attendees can’t be too excited about product launches but with the right combination of gimmicks not only would they look forward to the unveiling, it will be embedded in their memory and nothing quite beats the effect value of a good old smoke blast.

5) The Grand Unveiling

This can never be stressed enough, timing is EVERYTHING! A gimmick will lose half its power if it something goes amiss. Especially, if it is something like a grand curtain drop; while timing the big finale, the unveiling or a performance can make all the impact and all the difference to an event.

6) Highlighting Product Features

It is very easy to get carried away when planning or budgeting an event. While excessive spending does make a difference, it doesn’t hold a candle to “smart spending”. Getting everything won’t create the right notes for the event, you need to pick one or two gimmick and really put the work in to make the event a success, just an overwhelming amount of shock and awe won’t be a good idea either.

You will simply be confusing your attendees; splitting their attention. By highlighting specific product features, you will create the perfect gimmick to set up the audience’s attention towards one specific thing. Large size models of a product or a really flashy display could do the trick.

7) Performance or Celebrity gimmick

A clearly defined theme is probably the most important phase of event planning. All the elements, décor and gimmicks need to be decided and set in stone before execution. A lot of clients are late in realizing the worth of a “performance gimmick”. Not only things like flash mobs, live cooking sessions and cultural dances entertain the crowd, they add that oomph factor to any event. Performances that are linked to the theme of the entire event always keeps the audience active and even product launches that might seem boring or tedious, might not be so if the energy level of the guests are kept high with entertaining performances.

While not every company or event can afford this gimmick, nothing gets the crowd going like a celebrity guest attending the event. While these days bloggers and Instagram models (localized celebrities in their own right) with thousands of followers are regularly engaged by businesses and companies for the promotion of their brands. Getting an audience hyped up about special guests is a wonderful gimmick. Food festivals invite celebrity chefs or Instagram legends to keep people engaged. It is not necessary that getting a movie star is the only thing that will work, engaging a beauty blogger or an Instagram model for the launch of a beauty product can keep the crowd glued to their seats as well

8) Balloons Ahoy!

The balloon launching gimmick is the cheapest, safest and one of the most effective gimmick in the book. There is a certain joy in watching thousands of balloons cascading in the sky. Not only does this gimmick keep an audience hooked, it gives them a wonderful and colorful memory. Sometimes budget constraints limit the scope of a gimmick but balloons are for all seasons and flavors. There is very little that balloons don’t work with.


Another way to add balloons to an event is by making customized inflatable balloons that showcase a product or a particular aspect of the theme. Who doesn’t like an inflated large size soda bottle or genie in the sky?

9) Press that Button!

Pressing the button for special effects or highlighting an important aspect of a product or an event is a simple and effective launch gambit, simply because it is interactive. If attendees press a button and they are surprised by a clever gimmick it engages and entertains them.

 A comical twist can be added to a “press the button” whereby a ridiculous voice could comment on the attendees or even tell jokes. The button could light up and give interesting information about the company and the product it is launching.

10) Inflatable Ball launching Gimmick

This is a fairly simple launch gimmick that can be creatively molded to suit a variety of events and themes. An inflatable ball launch can be done for a product launch (with the right bit of background music) and can be a simple and straight forward gimmick.

A large ball full of confetti could be released at a Christmas party, or an annual gala. The Inflatable ball could hold anything from more balloons or the product that needs attention or even act as the starting point of a performance act like an illusionists act.

11) Giant Board Signing

There is somewhat of a vintage vibe to signing a giant board – a feeling that takes you way back, and yet, manages to keep you in the moment.

Adding a giant board at the entrance to your launching event is a really great idea because it will allow your guests to feel included in the entire story. Customizing your giant board for a special signing ceremony can also add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the launch as well!

In general, board signing is more suitable for formal events (but depending on how you want to customize yours, you might be able to use it in a more informal event as well).

Last, but definitely not least, we would like to mention that giant board signings are quite great for photo op moments (such as for media events, for example).

12) Ribbon Cutting

Cutting the ribbon is a launch gimmick as old as time itself – but it is still practiced, and, most importantly, it still works very well!

Aside from the classic ribbon cutting, you can go for something more informal and fun, such as an oversized ribbon. Also, you can make the ribbon extra-long and have your entire team cut it at the same time (which sends an obvious message about your team’s coherence and how they work together)

13) Customized Giant Props

Giant props are fun, and the best part about them is that they can be customized to represent your brand and/or the event you are attending/ the launch event itself. For instance, if your company sells car parts, you could have a giant screw at the entrance to the event.

Or, if you want to, you could make this a booming success  by adding a button you can push for the giant product mockup prop to do something (like in the picture underneath, where a button has opened the oversized bottle of champagne, for example)

Or, like in the picture underneath (taken at a Nana’s Green Tea launch), you can create an oversized prop that allows the management team to “complete the roof” as they make the grand launch announcement.

If your product is suitable for this, you could incorporate a giant product prop with light boxes that emphasize certain features of the product (such as, for example, nutritious ingredients in the case of Nestle Bliss).

Oversized props are great when you want to highlight product USP – and, in essence, they are pretty great because they allow you to get very creative and customize the props to suit your product, your target audience, the type of launch you want to plan, and the kind of effect you want it to have on your visitors.

14) Drum Hit

Untitled (7)
Untitled (6)

If you want to launch your product with a bang (quite literally!), a drum hit is a really fun way of creating some buzz around it all. A drum hit can be anything – from a traditional gong to something else, another percussion instrument representative of the country you come from.

Alternatively, you can always take the oversized route and have a giant drum on your product launch event – it’s a fun way of welcoming guests and of creating a sense of expectation and excitement around the product.

15) Ribbon Pull

Pulling a ribbon is another classic launch event gimmick – and one that is still very popular and still very effective. It tends to work better with products that are targeting women, rather than men, but you will see it at car launches too, so it can be adapted to pretty much everything.

Moreover, more modern versions can be adapted as well (as you can see in the pictures below, for example).

16) Giant Card Insertion (or Elevation)

This feels a bit more modern, and tends to work with products that are more cutting-edge (rather than products that pertain to more traditional industries). Essentially, what you do is insert a card into a stand or a counter and launch the product this way (e.g. a video of the product could pop up in the background the second you insert the card).

Alternatively, you can have a “card elevation” as well. In this case, the card would elevate from the stand when you push a button, thus officially launching the product.

17) Ground Breaking

Breaking the ground in a certain space can be a fun way to welcome the new product or service you are launching. This works for launching construction projects, agricultural projects, and, in general, projects that are connected to the “land” as such.

Alternatively, you can also “break the ground” and plant a flower or a tree – it is a nice, eco-friendly way of welcoming a new product or service into the world

18) Interactive Customized Launch Props

Untitled (16)
Untitled (18)

These are quite similar to giant props, but what differentiates them is the fact that they are interactive. For example, if you are launching a new photo editing app, you could create a giant prop that mimics your logo and have people take photos in front of it.

Alternatively, your prop doesn’t have to be 100% related to your product (as you can see in the picture below, taken at a Mah Sing Group manufacturing company launch event)

19) Globe Touch

This launch gimmick adds a touch of magic and a pretty solid wow factor to your launch. Basically, it involves touching a globe or a light bulb to symbolize the “lighting up” of the new product you are launching.

It can be done by the CEO, or by an entire team of managers. It can be done with globes personalized to your brand and to your product. In most ways, your creativity is the only limit you have here!

20) Creative Bread Cutting

Bread cutting is, in many countries, a symbol of new beginnings, new friendships, and getting closer to people (precisely because sharing your bread with someone is a gesture of familiarity, kindness, and friendship).

If those are the emotions you want to bring into your product launch, definitely do a creative bread cutting (such as cutting a very large loaf of bread, for example).

Keep in mind that most times, this type of product launch is used in the food industry (because it makes sense), but it might be usable in adjacent industries as well (such as when a large farmer has opened a new warehouse, for example).

21) Pouring Liquid

Untitled (29)
Untitled (24)
Untitled (27)
Untitled (26)

Pouring liquid can be a gesture that symbolizes growth and a consistent approach to growing both the product and the customers’ loyalty.

As such, there might be industries and types of products that are compatible with this type of product launch. You can pour liquids into a receptacle branded with your company name and logo, for example. Or, if you work in an eco-friendly industry, you could simply pour water on plants grounded in vases or receptacles branded with your company name and logo – like in the examples below, for instance!

Untitled (25)

22) Adding a LED Touch Screen

Untitled (31)

This type of launch is perfect for tech products of all kinds, but it can work in other industries as well.

What it involves is you (the CEO, or a team of managers) touching a large screen and prompting up a logo, or even a fully presentation of the product you are launching. This launch gimmick gives a sense of “futurism” and “cutting-edginess”, and it can be really fun to both participate in and watch!

23) Egg Breaking

Cracking the shell of an egg can symbolize “coming to life” as a product on the market. This is perfect for products and services connected to the food industry, but it can be really great with many other types of products.

For example, in the image below, you will see the team at Innisfree (a Korean beauty product brand) cracking eggs at their launch. It’s a fun and cute gesture that will make you look more humane and bring you closer to your target audience!

24) Laser Launch Pad

If you are launching a product in the tech field, a laser launch pad is a really good idea. This can be a laser show, or even a laser lamp shaped as something connected to your brand and product.

It will add light, energy, and a sense of “high-end technology” to your entire launch – and the best part about it is that it can be customized in so many ways to fit so many types of products and target audiences that it is almost impossible to resist it!

25) Futuristic LED Launch Gimmick

Same as the laser launch pad, the futuristic LED launch gimmick is most suitable in the tech industry (precisely because it gives a very “techie” vibe and because it is the kind of thing customers of this industry love).

You can allow your creativity to roam wild on this – the essential is to make sure that you are drawing attention and creating buzz around the launch!

Untitled (35)

26) Raise Up Launch Gimmick

Launching a product and making it feel like a surprise is a really fun and exciting way of getting your target audience accustomed to your product.


A “raise up launch gimmick” will literally elevate the product from a stand when you push a button. This will allow you to create a sense of anticipation and excitement around the launch, and it will allow you to present the product as it is (instead of simply showing pictures of it).

This is usually suitable for smaller products, but if you are forward-thinking and creative enough, you will definitely find ways to use it with a larger product as well (beware, though, you will need an oversized system then as well!).

This is a great way to announce the collaboration between two brands or launching a new dimension of a brand. Basically, what it involves, is completing a “missing piece” of the brand’ s logo in front of the potential customers.

It is a bit formal, but it can work out very well, especially for photo-op events where media outlets are present (as you can see in the image below).

28) Pull the Bar

Pulling the bar can represent excitement over a new product and “unleashing it” on the market. This type of action should be done with plenty of buzz around the product, and although it might be an older gimmick in the event marketer’s book, it can still work out pretty well.

29) Complete the Icons

This is similar to the aforementioned logo completion gimmick, but it doesn’t necessarily use a logo (it can use any icon connected to your brand). Furthermore, when the “final piece” is set in place, it will usually launch confetti, soap bubbles, balloons, or other such excitement-inducing gimmicks.

This is perfect for a less formal launch, but that doesn’t mean it cannot work in B2B. In the end, it all depends on the kind of product you have and the kind of audience you are targeting!

The sky is the limit, guys! When it comes to launching products, events, or opening new spaces for your business, you need to create buzz, you need to create excitement, and you need to send off a powerful energy – and for that to happen, you should definitely think out of the box when it comes to your launch gimmicks and props!

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